8 simple ways to entertain baby

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1 - Get the Ball

You roll the ball a few feet away from you (or further if your baby is older), and you crawl while baby crawls (or walks) to get the ball. Act really excited to get the ball and make a big hoo-rah if baby reaches the ball before you.

2 - Knee Bounce

Bounce baby on your knee. Sing this while you gently bounce baby and gently tip baby backwards: "Look at ____ (baby's name) upside down, watch out ____ (baby's name), down fall down!" Then bring baby back to a sitting position.

3 - Peek-a-boo

Cover your face with something like a blanket or a large book. Pop out and say "Peek-a-boo!" Babies really like repetition, so you might have to play this quite a few times before baby is ready do something else. For older babies, you might have to actually hide behind a wall for them to find this amusing.

4 - Roll the Ball

You and baby face each other and sit down. You roll the ball to baby and she will probably not roll it back to you, but get it from her and roll it to her again anyway. She'll love watching it come towards her. Please roll it gently!

5 - I'm Going to Get You

Crouch down and hold your "tickle fingers" out in front of you. As you creep up on him or her, say "I'm going to get you!" As you near baby, start to tickle her for a few seconds. She will probably want you to do this several times!

6 - Bathtub Bubbles

Get a container with a small opening and hold it under the water while baby is in the bathtub. Clean water bottles work great. Baby will probably think that the bubbles that come up as the water enters the cup is really amusing.

7 - Fake Sleep

This works with babies about 12-18 months old. While you are playing with baby, lie down on the floor and pretend to be asleep (snoring works great). Baby will probably love poking you, trying to lift your head up, poking your eyes, etc. All of a sudden, wake up and say "HI!" It might startle her, but she will probably really enjoy it.

8 - Microwave Countdown

While you are waiting for something to heat up in the microwave, hold baby on your hip and dance around the kitchen singing the microwave second countdown "30-29-28-27..."

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