Funny stories

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I was sleep deprived and still breastfeeding my two month old at least a couple of times a night. One night, I heard her crying so I got out of bed with my eyes still shut and headed to her bedroom. The next thing I remember is sitting in the chair that I usually nursed in, cradling a pillow with my boob out. Luckily the baby was fast asleep in the crib. I don't even remember if I nursed her or not! At least the pillow was well fed!

The other day I was in a McDonald's restroom. I was in the stall doing my business and I hear a lady in the stall next to mine say "Hello." I didn't know what to do because I'm not used to having random people say "hello" to me while I am using the bathroom in my own stall. She said "hello" again, and this time louder. So, I eventually said "hi" back. She said "How are you?" And I uneasily said "I'm doing fine, how are you?" Then, she said "Can you hang on for a second? Someone is trying to talk to me." The lady had been talking on her cell phone and I thought she was talking to me! I was bright red and I jetted out of that restaurant in record time!

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