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This month we've rated five products on an outgoing 17 month old and her tough toy critic mom. Do you have a product that you want us to review? Email

Your Baby Can Read Starter DVD It kept my daughters attention the entire time it was on! The DVD run time is about 20 minutes.
My daughter could read about 5 of the words after watching the movie everyday for two weeks.
I didn't let my daughter handle the DVD directly. Toys 'R' Us
Busy Ball Popper Hasbro Playskool She loved the obnoxious music and watching the balls pop out, but when the balls would land on the ground, she got distracted. The toy kept her attention less than 5 minutes each time, but she did like to push the big red button a lot.
I counted the balls as they came out of the popper. I also told her what color each of the balls were. Teaches gross motor skills by having kids put the balls back into the hole.
It uses D batteries, which are a pain. The balls are easy to lose.
Shape Sorting Cube Melissa and Doug She loved figuring out which shapes go in which holes. It kept her attention very well. The toy seemed to be her favorite for at least a few days. She played with it for about 10 minutes each time we got it out.
A great toy for teaching children problem solving, matching, and fine motor skills.
The paint is already starting to wear off of some of the shapes. The lid is really loose, so you have to be careful not to lose any shapes.
Rocking Horse Little Tykes This was one of her least favorite toys. She was bored with it by the second day we had it, which was very suprising.
Children will learn how to move their body and balance to get the horse to rock.
Very durable. There are no parts to lose, and the plastic construction seems well made.
Little People Ferris Wheel Fisher-Price She loves to spin the ferris wheel and listen to the very repititve music. It held her attention less than 10 minutes, but she loved to push on it to hear the music.
A great toy for you to introduce children to new vocabulary, and get them practicing gross motor skills.
We already lost the fun house mirror attachment. The rest seems to be holding up well.

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