Craft Corner: How to make your own baby leggings

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by Kymy Kuschnereit

As a single mom of 3 under the age of 3 I am always looking to save money by figuring out how to make those neat pricey things that everyone has gotta have! I LOVE baby legs, but with 9.5 month old twin girls at $12-$15 a pair it adds up fast. So I came up with a tutorial to share for free with other moms just like me. If you would rather purchase them than make them, go to

Supplies for baby legging

Women's tube socks (6m-6yr) or Women's crew socks (0-18m)
Sewing machine or needle & thread

STEP 1: First cut the socks into sections as pictured below. You will toss the heel & toe scraps, but keep the bottom of the foot. Note: for this tutorial I am working with crew socks, but the process is the same as with tube socks.

STEP 2: Take the section remaining from the foot and fold it inside of itself as pictured below. You should have the nice side of the sock on the outside & inside with a fold on one end & both raw edges on the other.

STEP 3: Stick the long section of the sock inside your newly created tube. This would give you 3 raw edges on the side we are going to sew, the other side will have the folded edge & the finished edge that was originally the top of the sock. If you have a pattern such as stripes or argyle as I used you may try to get them to line up. Once you are happy with the positioning pin together. Make sure to pin just 3 layers, not all 6 or you won't have a hole to stick your little ones leg through when you are finished.

STEP 4: Time to Sew! Set the stitch length on your sewing machine to 4, this will allow the most stretch. You want to stretch the pinned side over the arm of your sewing machine & sew a straight stitch all the way around. If you can't get it to stretch over then you can use what ever method you use to sew circles normally, or you can simply stitch it together with a needle & thread the old fashion way.

Then simply fold the trim down (putting the seam inside) & TADA... a baby & toddler leg warmer simply make another one & test them out on the nearest happy child! Also with the right type of socks you can simply cut the bottom off & be done, but most socks will start to unravel & they will also be a few inches shorter. These are great for little legs & arms for both girls AND boys. For more pictures, comments & work from blog readers you can visit my blog.... & click tutorials.

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