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Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves by Naomi Aldort

I read this book and found it to be completely different than what my parents or my husband's parents practiced when they were raising us. It seemed to me that the foundation of Aldort's way of thinking is that parents often don't treat their children with love in the way they really wish to. Instead, they often react to a child with whatever their first thought is, which is often a reaction to something and isn't the loving way a true loving parent would really want to treat their child. She offers the SALVE formula for overcoming this habit as a way to treat your child with the love that all parents want for their children. Furthermore, if we stop trying to control our children and treat them with love and respect instead, as we often do with other adults, they will be free to be their magnificent selves.

Aldort gives a brand new way of thinking to myself and the way I treat my daughter. I have to admit that I was skeptical of the theory as I read the first chapter, but I have really implemented the book's teachings over the last month and have seen a great improvement in the relationship I have with my daughter, the amount she has learned from my example, and the amount of respect and love I have for her. I react to situations, like her spilling an entire bowl of cereal, completely differently than I would have had I not read the book and the response I have gotten from my daughter is outstanding. I feel like she behaves the way she does because she knows that I love her. I don't try control her like traditional parenting styles would suggest.

I would recommend this book to everyone because it explains what children need to feel loved, secure, trusting, and comfortable enough to really grow into a magnificent person. It might surprise you that some of the common ways you treat your child actually are hindering their progress. The book makes it clear that children behave well of their own free will and not out of fear. If we follow the book exactly, there won't be a need for disciplining. The child will understand what to do and not to do from their parent's example and through talking about what happens and they won't do bad things because they love their parents and they know that their parents love them.

Naomi Aldort is an amazing and insightful person. I, a new and unexperienced mom, am very lucky to know her because my relationship with my daughter is already improving. I know that the rest of my mothering life has been impacted by my reading Aldort's book and asking her questions.

The book is available at, and costs $12.24 for a new copy.

Clingy Cord by CaitiMac Creations

I can't even count how many times my daughters sippy cup or bottle has ended up on a dirty floorprobably a couple of hundred times. I think I even thought to myself a couple of times "Someone should invent a way to keep the cups from falling to the ground!" I, of course, was really excited to find the Clingy Cord from CaitiMac Creations. Just put the cup in the loop and pull the bead tightly against it. Attach the ring to the highchair, baby carrier, or whatever else is handy, and the problem is solved! Older babies can pick up their bottle/sippy cup by themselves, or you can do it without having to get it from the dirty ground. The Clingy Cord comes in several fun prints that your child will love.

Get the Clingy Cord from for $8.00, plus shipping.

The Mommy Cover by Joia Products

I am a very modest person and the thought of someone seeing my breasts while nursing scares me! With my first child, I used a blanket to cover up, but the problem with that was that it was extremely hot, the baby would occasionally kick the blanket off, it was hard to check on the baby, and if the baby pulled off, I couldn't see down to latch her back on. The thought of having to nurse in public like this made me anxious to start using a bottle.

Joia Products makes The Mommy Cover, which has solved all the problems of using a blanket. They have a soft boning in the front that slightly bows out so that you can watch your baby without anyone else getting a look. They have a "reel system" which keeps the cover around your back even if baby kicks the fabric, and the adjustable silky neck line feels so luxurious. The lightweight material is perfect because it doesn't get too hot. I am actually excited to nurse in public because their fabric prints are so cute. All of the Mommy Covers are reversible, too.

The Mommy Cover is available at, and costs $48.00, plus shipping. Use the discount code LOVEUTAH for 15% off one cover.

Performance Bib by Baby Chaleco

Luckily, I didn't have to test out this one myself. My daughter is finished drooling for now, but my friend has a six month old that is constantly leaking. I don't just mean a few drops here and there, but his chin, and shirt are constantly covered in drool. His poor mom has tried putting regular bibs on him so that he won't get soaked so quickly, but they don't really help much. She was going through half a dozen or more outfits each day and was desperate.

The founder of Baby Chaleco had a similar problem with her baby, so she took the initiative to create a very high style water proof bib (with the coverage of a shirt). The drool doesn't soak through the waterproof lining, and didn't drip down the bib because it was absorbent. This protected the child's shirt and precious skin. Even more importantly, they are so cute -my friend that tested them out constantly received complements on the one her son wore (the Dribble Buster, light blue with doggie pocket). Moms of drooly babies everywhere will appreciate these bibs. There are several styles and colors available.

Get your own at The prices range from $36.50-$38.50.

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