Crafty Croner: How to make an apron

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For Craft Corner this month, we thought we'd show a simple apron pattern. Aprons are the latest craze and there are tons of fun free patterns out there. This pattern is for beginners. It will probably only take 30 minutes start to finish, at least that is what it took us, not including the 3 trips to the store we had to make, hah!

supplies that will be needed

  • 1 Yard of Fabric
  • 2 Packages of Double Fold Bias Tape (optional)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread

You can measure your body and make the apron fit you exactly, if you want to be precise. Measure from your armpit across your chest to your other armpit and 1/2 that for the measurement across the very top of the apron. Measure your hips around from about the back of one leg to the other or wherever you want the apron to wrap. For example, if you want the apron to wrap almost all the way around you than use that width. If you only want it to cover the very front of you, than use that width.

If you do not want to measure yourself or if you are making this as a gift, you can use the standard measurements we give you. The width on this pattern is 40 inches wide across the bottom. For an average person this is going to wrap almost all the way around you. The top measurement is 11 inches. For full busted women, we will show you what to do when you cut.

Now, fold your fabric in half so you can cut both armpits with the same shape. Cut up the side 20 inches. For the armpit, if you are full busted, cut it straight diagonally across. For not so full busted women, cut it with a more rounded angle.

For the lazy way, pin your bias tape onto the apron from the bottom of the armpit down around the bottom of the apron and back up to the bottom of the other armpit. We used a Three-step zigzag ( DummiesArticle/ to sew the bias tape on. Measure out 21 1/2 inches for one tie and attach the rest of your bias tape starting at the bottom of the armpit. Start sewing just the bias tape for the tie then around the armpit and added 18 inches for the neck. Go back down around the other armpit and out another 21 1/2 inches for the other tie.

For those who do not want to use bias tape, you can just do a double hem all the way around the apron. Cut 2 inch strips for the ties and neck. You will fold them over with right sides together and sew them. Turn them inside out and press. Attach them to your apron on the neck and edges for the tie. Again, the ties were 21 1/2 inches long and the neck was 18 inches.

For the pocket, cut an 8 1/2 inch square. Hem the top and press the edges in before sewing it on the apron. The finished size will be 8 inches square.

For a more advanced, cuter, and more detailed apron, we suggest this pattern by from Sew Liberated called the Emmeline Apron Pattern ( We loved this pattern because it is reversible! You can spill on it then hurry and turn it around when the in-laws arrive! I wear it all day! Our product tester said it was a moderate pattern taking close to 2 hours of time and 3 1/2 total yards of fabric.

Don't have 2 hours to spend making an apron? You can purchase these exact aprons with super cute fabric at Wiggle Worm Creations (http://wigglewormcreations. Tessa Edwards is the owner of Wiggle Worm Creations and her email address is The picture on the right is one of her aprons!

Don't love either of these apron patterns? Go to you-can-make/ where you can find 56 Free Apron Patterns you can make! There are really cute aprons on here and truly something for everyone! They have vintage, reversible, knitted/crocheted, and kids apron patterns! Good Luck and stay clean in the kitchen!

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