Craft corner: make your own tutus

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This month we saw some super fun tutu's at a craft fair and decided to show you how to make one. They are so easy to make! You do not even have to sew anything!

4-5 Yards of Tulle. If you want to use different colors, buy in 1 yard increments of each color.
1 package of 3/4 inch Elastic
Needle and Thread or safety pin

First, measure you daughter's waist, and add 2 inches. Mark this length on your elastic.

For my 2-year-old daughter, I wanted a shorter length so she would not trip over it. We wanted the finished product to be 12 inches long. You double the length that you want the finished product to be, so we cut our stripes 24 inches long. The width determines the tutu's fullness. For our example, we wanted a super full tutu, so we made our stripes 7 inches wide. After making the tutu, we think it would be better to go with a 3-4 inch width as this makes the waist a little easier to work with.

After you cut your stripes of tulle, start attaching them to the elastic. If you are using different colors, you will want to alternate the stripes to make a pretty pattern. To attach the stripes of tulle to the elastic, all you do is fold the tulle over the elastic and tie a basic knot (the first part of tying your shoes). You can tighten the knot up afterward and make it look pretty.

Once you get enough stripes on to cover the length of your child's waist, overlap the ends of the elastic and attach with big safety pin. Optional: ff you have a sewing machine, you can sew the elastic together. Then you have a super cute, super easy tutu! Another alternate version is to sew wide pieces of ribbon to each end of the elastic. This way you can tie the ribbon around your daughter's waist. It is also adjustable this way.

Don't have the time to make your own?
The cutest tutu's we found were from My Tutu Designs. Check out their website at

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