Teardrop diary: A journal with poetry for healing your heart after pregnancy loss

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For those that hold the memory of a child in their heart, this book can help on their difficult journey of healing.


There are days I wish I'd never gone
Through such a trial of heart.
But then I realize I'd not have known you
And I'd relive it from the start.
Though time continues to separate us
And the pain reduces some.
Your memories I'll keep with me
Of the time that we were one.
For although I've prayed and wished for
A different ending without strife.
I carry you inside my heart
And I will for all my life.

This unique book combines original works of poetry, Bible verses, and space to journal thoughts and feelings. It is ideal for anyone who has experienced a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or stillbirth. The poems will walk a grieving person through the many stages of grief, overwhelming feelings, and frustrations associated with their loss. Whether for yourself or for a gift, this book will support, encourage, and help heal hearts after a pregnancy loss.

Erin McSparron lives in North Dakota with her dear husband and daughter. She started writing poems for this book after her second pregnancy and first miscarriage at 15 weeks in 2004. She feels that God gave her the gift of poetry so that she could use His words to help others and bring glory to His name. As a Doula, she is working to offer support to those going through pregnancy loss. This is her first book, but she plans to publish a book of photography celebrating the beauty and miracle of breastfeeding.

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