Baby Names with Similar Meanings

Girls - Astyr

Just type in a name and pick boy or girl, and we will help you find other baby names with similar meanings. This can be very useful if you want to see what other names that you might want to use for your baby.


AstaNorseSuper strength, Divine strengthPopularity of Asta
AstaGreekStarPopularity of Asta
AsteraNorseSuper strength, Divine strengthPopularity of Astera
AsteraGreekStarPopularity of Astera
AstredNorseSuper strength, Divine strengthPopularity of Astred
AstredGreekStarPopularity of Astred
AstridNorseSuper strength, Divine strengthPopularity of Astrid
AstridGreekStarPopularity of Astrid
CochavaHebrewStarPopularity of Cochava
EistirIrishStarPopularity of Eistir
EssieLatinStarPopularity of Essie
EssiePersianStarPopularity of Essie
EstaLatinStarPopularity of Esta
EstaPersianStarPopularity of Esta
EsteeFrenchStarPopularity of Estee
EsteeLatinStarPopularity of Estee
EsteePersianStarPopularity of Estee
EstelLatinStarPopularity of Estel
EstelPersianStarPopularity of Estel
EstelaSpanishStarPopularity of Estela
EstelitaSpanishStarPopularity of Estelita
EstellaSpanishStarPopularity of Estella
EstellaLatinStarPopularity of Estella
EstellaPersianStarPopularity of Estella
EstelleFrenchStarPopularity of Estelle
EstelleLatinStarPopularity of Estelle
EstellePersianStarPopularity of Estelle
EsterSpanishStarPopularity of Ester
EsterLatinStarPopularity of Ester
EsterPersianStarPopularity of Ester
EsterHebrewStarPopularity of Ester
EstherLatinStarPopularity of Esther
EstherPersianStarPopularity of Esther
EstherHebrewStarPopularity of Esther
EstieLatinStarPopularity of Estie
EstiePersianStarPopularity of Estie
EstralitaLatinStarPopularity of Estralita
EstralitaPersianStarPopularity of Estralita
EstrelaHebrewStarPopularity of Estrela
EstrellaSpanishStarPopularity of Estrella
EstrellitaSpanishStarPopularity of Estrellita
EszterHebrewStarPopularity of Eszter
HesterEnglishStarPopularity of Hester
HokuPolynesianStarPopularity of Hoku
HoshikoJapaneseStarPopularity of Hoshiko
IzarSpanishStarPopularity of Izar
IzarraSpanishStarPopularity of Izarra
IzarreSpanishStarPopularity of Izarre
MiriyanAustralian AboriginalStarPopularity of Miriyan
ParveenIndianStarPopularity of Parveen
RohiniIndianStarPopularity of Rohini
StarEnglishStarPopularity of Star
StarLatinStarPopularity of Star
StarGreekStarPopularity of Star
StarlaLatinStarPopularity of Starla
StarlaGreekStarPopularity of Starla
StarlingLatinStarPopularity of Starling
StarlingGreekStarPopularity of Starling
StarlsEnglishStarPopularity of Starls
StarrEnglishStarPopularity of Starr
StarrLatinStarPopularity of Starr
StarrGreekStarPopularity of Starr
StelaLatinStarPopularity of Stela
StelaGreekStarPopularity of Stela
StellaLatinStarPopularity of Stella
StellaPersianStarPopularity of Stella
StellaGreekStarPopularity of Stella
StellarLatinStarPopularity of Stellar
StellarGreekStarPopularity of Stellar
SvetlanaRussianStarPopularity of Svetlana
TaraIndianStarPopularity of Tara
ThwayyaArabicStarPopularity of Thwayya
TrellaSpanishStarPopularity of Trella
TuVietnameseStarPopularity of Tu
UttaraIndianStarPopularity of Uttara

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