Baby Names with Similar Meanings

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Just type in a name and pick boy or girl, and we will help you find other baby names with similar meanings. This can be very useful if you want to see what other names that you might want to use for your baby.


AlaneCelticFairPopularity of Alane
AlannaCelticFairPopularity of Alanna
AlinaCelticFairPopularity of Alina
AoibheannIrishFairPopularity of Aoibheann
ChitsaNative AmericanFairPopularity of Chitsa
EavanIrishFairPopularity of Eavan
EnidEnglishFairPopularity of Enid
EnitEnglishFairPopularity of Enit
EnydEnglishFairPopularity of Enyd
FinnaIrishFairPopularity of Finna
FionaIrishFairPopularity of Fiona
FionaScottishFairPopularity of Fiona
FionnIrishFairPopularity of Fionn
FionnaIrishFairPopularity of Fionna
GenavieveWelshWhite wave, White spirit, White cheekedPopularity of Genavieve
GenayaEnglishWhite wavePopularity of Genaya
GenevieveCelticWhite wavePopularity of Genevieve
GennaEnglishWhite wavePopularity of Genna
GennyEnglishWhite wavePopularity of Genny
GenovevaGermanWhite wavePopularity of Genoveva
GenowefaGermanWhite wavePopularity of Genowefa
GuanhamaraArthurian LegendArthur's queenPopularity of Guanhamara
GuanhumoraArthurian LegendArthur's queenPopularity of Guanhumora
GuenevereArthurian LegendArthur's queenPopularity of Guenevere
GuenloieArthurian LegendArthur's queenPopularity of Guenloie
GuinevereArthurian LegendArthur's queenPopularity of Guinevere
GvenourArthurian LegendArthur's queenPopularity of Gvenour
GwenevereArthurian LegendArthur's queenPopularity of Gwenevere
JenavievaWelshWhite wave, White spirit, White cheekedPopularity of Jenavieva
JeniferArthurian LegendArthur's queenPopularity of Jenifer
JeniferEnglishWhite wavePopularity of Jenifer
JennaWelshWhite wave, White spirit, White cheekedPopularity of Jenna
JennaEnglishWhite wavePopularity of Jenna
JennabelEnglishWhite wavePopularity of Jennabel
JennahEnglishWhite wavePopularity of Jennah
JennaleeEnglishWhite wavePopularity of Jennalee
JennalynEnglishWhite wavePopularity of Jennalyn
JennaraeEnglishWhite wavePopularity of Jennarae
JennaseeEnglishWhite wavePopularity of Jennasee
JenniWelshWhite wave, White spirit, White cheekedPopularity of Jenni
JennieWelshWhite wave, White spirit, White cheekedPopularity of Jennie
JennyWelshWhite wave, White spirit, White cheekedPopularity of Jenny
JennyCelticWhite wavePopularity of Jenny
JennyferCelticWhite wavePopularity of Jennyfer
JennylynnWelshWhite wave, White spirit, White cheekedPopularity of Jennylynn
JennyverCelticWhite wavePopularity of Jennyver
QuinevereArthurian LegendArthur's queenPopularity of Quinevere
UnaCelticWhite wavePopularity of Una
VanoraScottishWhite wavePopularity of Vanora
VevayWelshWhite wavePopularity of Vevay
VievaWelshWhite wave, White spirit, White cheekedPopularity of Vieva
WeenyWelshFairPopularity of Weeny
WendyEnglishFairPopularity of Wendy
WenhaverArthurian LegendArthur's queenPopularity of Wenhaver
WinWelshFairPopularity of Win
WinnWelshFairPopularity of Winn
WinnieWelshFairPopularity of Winnie
WinnyWelshFairPopularity of Winny
WynWelshFairPopularity of Wyn
WynnWelshFairPopularity of Wynn
WynneWelshFairPopularity of Wynne
WynnieWelshFairPopularity of Wynnie
YseultFrenchFairPopularity of Yseult
YseultCelticFairPopularity of Yseult
ZenevievaCelticFairPopularity of Zenevieva
ZinervaCelticFairPopularity of Zinerva

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