2009 Mother of the Year Contest

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The public will vote for their favorite finalists between March 20th and April 20th. The winners of each category will be announced in the May 2009 issue of the Utah Baby Guide.

TO VOTE: Send an email to contest@utahbabyguide.com before April 20th. Choose your favorite entry from the "Most Deserving" category and the "Most Generous" category. Put the TWO entry numbers in the subject line of the email. Please, only vote one time per email address.

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We will have several winners for each category. Our fabulous sponsors want to give the winners the treatment they deserve. They are giving away really great prizes. Here is what the finalists can win:

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Most Deserving

Entry #01

This past year, we learned that we were expecting our third child. Things progressed normally until our 20 week ultrasound. We discovered that our little girl had a defect called anencephaly, which is always fatal. We decided to carry our baby for as long as God allowed and prayed that she would be born alive and that we could spend time with her before she passed. Over the next few months things slowly worsened. Other birth defects were discovered and she struggled to grow. At 35 weeks, Emma measured 9 weeks behind in size and our OB encouraged us to induce labor as our best chance of avoiding a stillbirth. I was admitted to the hospital Wednesday evening. Friends and family around the world were praying for us. Sadly, the labor was too much and 11 hours into in, Emma passed away. It was another 13 hours before she was delivered. She was beautiful and words cannot describe how much I have grown because of Emma.

Entry #02

In July of 2007, I was in the early throes of pregnancy sickness, expecting twins and caring for my 4 year old son. One afternoon my husband received a sobering phone call... he was called up. Time to prepare for a year-long deployment to the Middle East. Would my husband see our twins born? I didn't have cribs, car seats, let alone a place to call home... and my husband was going to war. Three weeks after our beautiful twins were born, my husband headed for "The Sand." I was left alone with my newborn twins and over-exuberant preschooler. Early on I knew this first year was going to be exhausting, but crucial that I remain calm for the sake of my beautiful babies. Everything I do from sun up to the wee hours of the night is for my children. It has paid off! They are healthy, calm, smart, beautiful kids. I've learned the immense influence a mother has on her children cannot be underestimated.

Entry #03

The mother I would love to be nominated for the Most Deserving Mother is, my sister Jennifer. She is an amazing mother to her little boy who she tried for 3 years to get pregnant with and then ended up having her water break at 26 weeks, and delivered at 28 weeks. She endured so much having a preemie so little and is still going through so much now as she is trying to have another baby but is having a hard time again. She watches everyone around her having babies and she just can't get pregnant. I love her and think she is an amazing mother and person.

Entry #04

My wife deserves this award because she is nurturing to our one year old daughter. Not only is she nurturing to our daughter, but she is nurturing to our other kid, who is thirty years old, aka, her husband who is writing this. She is very educational in regards to teaching our daughter the essentials and beyond. She fun, loving, sweet, sexy, caring, spiritual and most of all, she is pregnant again so winning this would be fantastic! Thank you for the chance for her to win.

Entry #05

I think that my mother in law, Linda, is the most deserving mother for many reasons. Number one, she has been through breast cancer and still always did things only for her children. She cleaned my whole house as a Valentine's gift this year and watches her grandchildren a few times a week. She is always making calls for us, buying food for us and helping us with whatever we need. (72) She is in the hospital again today getting an MRI to see if the cancer has spread. We hope it does not because we do not know what we would do without her. One last thing, she is so generous too! I bet you that if she wins, she will give her prizes away! Thank you for considering her!

Entry #06

"I'm having TWINS!" was the excited scream on the phone. Camille was thrilled but wondered out loud how she would manage three kids under the age of four. The anticipation was tempered a few weeks later with a sobering phone call announcing her husband's deployment to Afghanistan. After a difficult pregnancy, delivery, and recovery Michael left when the twins were two weeks old. The day Michael left I watched Camille on their bed holding two babies with a look of unexpected serenity and determination. If their family would thrive the next year it would be up to her. She has overcome setbacks like her own surgery. She has created an environment of perfect peace for her children. She has remained positive, upbeat and patriotic. Soldier's wives are the true American heroes and whole heartedly nominate Camille for this award.

Entry #07

Being a mother is an incredibly difficult job which becomes harder when there are a lot of kids and even harder when those kids are 'adventurous'. Often the influence of a mother cannot be seen for many years. But a mother must not let this overcome her determination to do the best job possible. My mother was such a person. She successfully raised six 'adventurous' children to become honest and productive citizens. Mother not only taught us many things but was sure to spend time with each of us and be very involved in our lives because she chose not to work outside the home. She would help us with our homework, encourage us to work and study hard, and participate with our school activities from field trips to marching band. Now that the kids are older and starting their own families she is able reap what she has sown.

Most Generous

Entry #08

My Mother
James, 3 - Mother gives me piggy-back rides to my room and makes pretend monsters for me.
William, 4 - Mother plays games with me and takes me to church.
Richard, 6 - Mother goes to the store with me and she bakes for me. She gives us fruit for a bonus.
Kimberly, 7 - Mother helps me cook and gives us lots of fruit. She gives us extra jobs to earn money.
John, Husband - Jennifer is very devoted to her children. She home-schools the children and ensures that they are excelling. She works very hard to make sure they are taught the correct principles that will make them successful in life such as work and budgeting. She is an excellent cook and makes sure the children have delicious and healthy meals.

Entry #09

In this economy everyone needs to learn to save some money, and I want to help people achieve that by sharing my knowledge. About 6 months ago I decided to start a blog, Sweet 'n' Sassy Girls that is geared to moms. I write articles about different products that I come across that are useful to moms, as well as do giveaways so moms can try out new products for free, without pay. I am also part of the Beyond 11 Group from Walmart that is working to help teach the public how to save money. In my spare time, I run a small part-time business selling nursing covers and baby legwarmers that are much cheaper than big name brands. This way they are affordable to everyone! Also, I will be starting a sewing class to help teach my neighbors how to make things themselves, such as purses and aprons.

Entry #10

I want my life to go my daughter who has Cystic Fibrosis. She fights everyday to stay healthy and I take a great deal to make her life long and lasting the way it should be. I remember her smile and her energy and know that my daughter is the best thing that could teach me new things everyday incuding the patience I need to take care of her and the great deal or holding on to everything that goes on with her when she is sick and in the hospital and when she is full of life and when she fights with me to not want to take her treatment. She is the one who keeps me wanting to give her more out of life and not take if for granted. I also have a baby boy named Lucas he was born on October 19, 2008. I gave him up for adoption to a great family who had kept me along in his life and I am so greatful that Shaney will know she has a brother. I am happy with my life and how I seem to gain more from everything I have then I ever knew. I do have my down moments but I know that my life is where it should be knowing that I have my kids. I have been a single mom for so long gaining everything I can, holding onto everything I can do for my kids, that knowing I have someone who wants to be apart of my life is my next challenge.

Entry #11

Hi my name is Celeste and I wanted to nominate my wonderful mother. She has always been my best friend and such an amazing mother. The reason my mom should be the winner of the Mother of the Year because the last few years have been a real struggle for her and through it all she has stayed strong. She was diagnosed with rectal cancer in Aug. 2006 which almost took her life. I would head out to take care of her and bring her into her radiation appt. She is still having problems, she is in remission but still having a lot of side effects. This year has been such a struggle for her: last May my sister came clean to my mom that she was a heroin addict and so my mom stopped her life and came to take care of her through the process of getting clean and she has been clean for almost a year now because of my mom she is so amazing. Then this Sept I was diagnosed with MS and she has helped me so much by coming in and helping me with watching my kids so I can go to the doctor - she is an amazing person. She has been going through a lot of trials and it would be nice to let her know how much she is loved and that things can be better and will be better.

Entry #12

My name is Jennifer and I am the wife to Joshua, and the mother to twins Jeremiah and Josiah born 4/3/04 and a daughter Jocelyn born 1/2/06. We are also currently waiting to adopt 1-2 kids from Ethiopia and could hear any time. Life around our home is busy to say the least, but always a blast. Everyday is an adventure, we find fun and learning around every corner whether it is a walk around the block or a road trip across the country. As an educator that traded a student load of 78 kids for currently 3; I find ever day and every experiences can be educational if we slow down and take the time to see it. We try to find the time to see all the small details of life; veins in a leaf, colors of a flower, all the parts of a bug, softness of a feather, the movement of the clouds, the growth of a plant...

Entry #13

My mom is incredible! She is mother of 11 children, including one doctor, one nurse, two teachers, one physical therapist, one social worker, one lawyer's aide, and two business workers. She has 32 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. She's had refugee families, Native American exchange students, aging parents, and countless foster children live in her home under her care. She is currently helping raise one of her granddaughters, even though all her children have moved away. She has done all of this while serving in various leadership, PTA, and church positions. She has sacrificed herself for others her whole life, and has never complained or wanted for anything. She never seeks for accolades for her accomplishments, but simply counts her posterity as her reward. She exhibits all the characteristics that every mother strives for: unconditional love, generosity, and optimism. Please consider her for the Most Deserving Mother, for she truly is.

Entry #14

I already consider myself to be a Mother of the Year. It has been an emotional rollercoaster since I had my little boy last January. This being my first pregnancy, I had no idea what to expect. I had hoped for labor to be as natural as possible, but due to circumstances out of my control it didn't. The hardest part was not being able to hold or see my baby for 2 hours after delivery. I was left alone in the room, not knowing if my baby was ok, what he looked like or what color his eyes were. It was hard to build that motherly bond afterwards. Battling post-partum depression, without medication for the first 6 months of my son's life, proved to be a huge challenge. I can only say that I was able to overcome it through faith and love.

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